68 Unit Condominium in Bellevue, WA – Case Study

This Association had an ongoing problem with leaks through the walls and roofs. The leaks were reportedly being addressed, on an as needed basis, either by Handymen or by maintenance crews. These repairs added up to over $200,000 in expenses over a period of five years. The reserves had been severely drained and there was no reliable way to budget for future repairs or preventive maintenance. As the Association had no knowledge of the causes of the leaks or the weaknesses in the assemblies, it believed it was doing its best in maintaining its complex of old buildings at the least possible cost. 

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Why Owner’s Representatives Make All the Difference In Identifying and Managing Condominum Repair Projects 

Condominiums are becoming increasingly popular primarily due to spiraling apartment rents, their affordability relative to single family homes, proximity to work, seniors downsizing and homeowners’ desire for community and security. Not surprisingly, many folks buy Condominiums because of the perception that they won’t have to deal with maintenance and repairs. This article will help explain the truth behind the often complicated and costly repair process.

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