What sorts of projects have you handled in the past? Do you have project experience similar to the project we’d be hiring you to manage?

We provide an entire list of projects we’ve managed with the proposal we put together for your particular needs.  Please visit the portfolio section to see some examples of the projects we’ve successfully completed.

How do you charge for your services?

Our fees are in no way linked the cost of vendor contracts. As we are not incentivized by the size or value of the contract, we have no conflicts-of-interest and can dedicate ourselves to problem-solving in the most cost-effective way. Our fees are only billable for the actual time we incur in managing your project.   

Can you provide references?

Many references are available in the testimonial section of this website. Additionally, we can provide contact information as necessary. 

Who’s on your team?  

We are a small and cohesive group of seasoned construction, accounting and administrative professionals, with over 110 years of collective work experience. We have team members with degrees in engineering, accounting, and business management.

Which contractors do you use? Do you work exclusively with certain contractors? 

We lead the contractor selection process and only select contractors that best meet your particular needs. We take great effort in finding and engaging contractors who are committed to delivering quality work at reasonable prices. 

Do you prepare project scope?

Yes. In collaboration with design teams. In the preparation of project scope, our foremost goal is to ensure that we find the most optimal solution while ensuring that we stay within budget.

Why have a Project Manager if we have an Architect?

By engaging us as your Project Manager and Owner’s Representative, you benefit from our vast experience and expertise to plan and oversee projects.  This allows independent architects and engineers to focus on their specialization which is to provide design documents and scopes for pricing, construction and quality assurance, free of the responsibilities of also managing myriad aspects of the project.